Storm flood control services – Nieuwpoort

Storm flood control services – Nieuwpoort

As part of the protection of the coast and the hinterland against heavy storms and flooding, a storm flood barrier will be built in the ‘IJzer’ estuary in Nieuwpoort. A mobile retaining wall between two abutments on the ‘IJzer’ will provide maximum protection against the incoming waves.

One of the abutments will house a service building that will serve as a control room for the installation, related technical equipment and temporary accommodation for staff during a storm.

The service building is designed as a solitary and slender tower. The height of the building is important in order to obtain a good overview of the nearby surroundings and ensures that, together with the lighthouse and the pilotage building, it forms a landmark.

Together with the lighthouse and the pilotage building, it forms a landmark in the area.

The irregular shape of the ground plan emphasises the control function of the building on its surroundings, as the façade surfaces are oriented towards the North Sea, the storm flood barrier and the ‘IJzer’ inland towards the harbour. Moreover, the unusual shape ensures that the volume is perceived differently from every angle. This creates a dynamic image with constantly varying views.

An important aspect is the extremely sustainable character of the building and the attention paid to the impact on the valuable natural environment. It was decided to cover the entire volume in wooden laths made from a sustainable type of wood. Their diagonal placement emphasises the different surfaces of the volume, and the continuation of the wooden laths in front of most of the windows ensures better visibility for the circling birds.

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Agentschap MDF – Afdeling kust



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2013 – Present


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