Mission / Vision

Mission / Vision

Our view of the environment

Architecture can play a key role in the many challenges facing the world today; just think of the broad sustainability issue, the mobility transition or urbanization within the specific Flemish landscape. Inevitably, architecture also speaks out about other social changes such as new forms of education, the sharing economy, the aging population, the ‘new’ way of working…
Well-thought-out designs can actively respond to these developments, seek answers and literally help shape them. At the same time, high-quality architecture itself is increasingly under pressure because of the focus on cost, but also the rapidly increasing complexity and regulations. Balancing all this with an eye for all stakeholders is the challenge for us as designers.

Our answers

In order to provide an answer to these complex issues, we rely heavily on research by design. With an open mind and a broad view. Various options are tested in order to arrive at a well-founded and relevant design within the social context.

During the design process we question everything, we explore conceptual frameworks and boundaries and are always aware of the diversity of users. That way we can always make a difference.
Our focus is on devising functional solutions that integrate into their specific environment and where a lot of attention is paid to the user experience and the aesthetic aspect of a design.

Our designs are distinguished by the added value that is present – ​​latent or not. We always try to offer more than just an answer to the literal question and look beyond the mere here and now.

Archiles architects distinguishes itself by an extremely professional and service-oriented attitude: reliable, thoughtful, unburdening and committed to the business and voluntarist – always wanting to go the extra mile.