Sporting complex Noorderwijk – Morkhoven

Sporting complex Noorderwijk – Morkhoven

The new sports hall is located along the central (recreational) square of the Noorderwijk village centre. The main entrance with foyer and reception area provides the necessary interaction with the other community features that are present.

Within the volumetry and the use of materials, the aim is to minimise the impact of the new building on its surroundings. A robust plinth in concrete brickwork is contrasted with a light aluminium cladding of the main volume. The light metallic colour is an effort to allow the large volume to blend into its surroundings. A fine canopy structure which guides users all around the building forms the connecting element and completes the appearance of the building.

The focus in designing the internal organisation of the sports hall has been on functionality. On the one hand, this is achieved by logically arranging all components of the programme allowing optimal functioning. On the other hand, a clear and readable layout was pursued in order to create an organised whole. Well-chosen views through the building and a logical position of the reception area enhance this readability and ensure that visitors can easily find their way through the building.

The spacious foyer is centrally located along the west façade and connects with the sports hall. The reception area is located next to the entrance hall and overlooks the various components, allowing a good overview of the ins and outs of the building. The staff and meeting area is located in line with the entrance hall, allowing shared use of both areas.

All changing rooms and sanitary facilities are located along the sports hall and are accessed from the entrance hall through a corridor. It also provides various entrances to the hall, so that the different parts of the hall can be entered separately. Additionally, this offers possibilities to create separate flows for supporters and sporters. There is an exit at the end, which serves as an emergency exit, but can also be used for other purposes. The storage areas are located along the short side of the sports hall. This provides easy access from the sports hall and from the outside.

Efforts have also been made to provide natural daylight. Where possible, openings are provided through which natural daylight can penetrate into the functional areas. In addition, attention was paid to the different users of the sports complex. Not only for the sporter, but also for the (logistics) staff, supporter, supplier, … a logical route is ensured, creating a customised building.

The result is a compact, functional and flexible sports hall, readable and usable for everyone; an highly accessible building, in the broad sense of the word….

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AGB Sport & Recreatie Herentals


Noorderwijk – Morkhoven

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Archiles Architecten


2012 – Present


2.485,00 m²


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