Office building Swinnen – Balen

Office building Swinnen – Balen

To guarantee the further growth of general construction company Swinnen, a new office building with warehouse is being built on the ‘Holven’ industrial zone in Balen.

The office building is located centrally on the site. Because of this position, the building is visibly present in the street scene and it also has a good overview of the grounds and warehouse around it. To emphasise this, the main volume containing the workplaces is raised above ground level. Thanks to a completely transparent ground floor with the reception functions and meeting rooms, the open space around the office building continues visually. The main monolithic volume is further emphasised by its austere design and full materialisation in Azengar zinc. Porches bring greenery and extra daylight into the building.

All technology and lighting are integrated in the white climate ceiling, which provides the necessary heating and cooling. Walls and fixed furniture are finished in white, with occasional wood accents that, together with the wooden floor, create a warm, pleasant working environment. A few red seating elements bring colour to the building. On the ground floor, high integrated made-to-measure cupboards separate the various rooms. The spacious workplaces at the top are conceived as individual workstations, but through the use of glass walls and low cabinets, mutual relationships and transparency throughout the space are maintained.

Renewable energy is used extensively in order to achieve a sustainable building. The steel construction with prefabricated timber-frame façade panels provides a K-level of 37, and thanks to a PV installation, an intelligent building management system and a geothermal recirculation system with heat pump, extraction well and return well, an E-level of 37 is achieved.

Technical info


Algemeen Bouwbedrijf Swinnen



Design team

Archiles Architecten


2014 – 2017


3.100,00 m²




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