Office building ‘Square One’ – Geel

Office building ‘Square One’ – Geel

Situated on a site along the beltweg in Geel, this office complex meets the need for a new, pleasant working environment. In addition, maximum effort was put into a contemporary form of working together, with communal multi-purpose spaces allowing a wide use.

The project is designed as a stacking of two parts: a light office volume on top of a massive covered car park. The office function is given a characteristic business-like effect. Vertical fins on glass provide a clear articulation of the form and a varying façade appearance from open to closed. The façade is uniform and focused on maximum daylight incidence for a pleasant working environment.

The plinth is characterised by its robust concrete finish. A robustly designed table covers the provided parking spaces and accommodates the various circulation cores under one uniform roof. The high free space ensures that a new interpretation is possible at a later stage.

Much attention is paid to the green incorporation of the building’s surroundings. A wide green zone on the north side provides a buffer to the houses along Larumseweg. In extension, all edges of the site are designed as green as possible, so that the building is experienced as being ‘in greenery’ on all sides.

A far-reaching vision of sustainability is expressed throughout the design and elaboration of the office building. Sustainability is integrated into every aspect of the design, resulting in an integrated solution. The use of sustainable, local, contemporary and low-maintenance materials is an obvious choice. In addition, we focus on sustainable use over time. High-quality buildings – with attention to a layout adapted to the intended use and sufficient comfort – stimulate a pleasant and sustainable use over time.

Technical info


Netropolix Bvba. & COVR Bvba.



Design team

Archiles Architecten


2018 – 2019


5.750,00 m²




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