Office building Caterpillar – Grimbergen

Office building Caterpillar – Grimbergen

This project involves the complete renovation and re-design of 3.200 m² office space at the Caterpillar headquarters in Grimbergen.

The outer shell has been completely renewed to improve the building’s energetic performance on the one hand and to bring more natural light inside the building on the other hand.

The creation of 2 patios improves the working quality (view on inner gardens) and increases daylighting.

The complete redesign of the existing offices (floors, walls, ceilings, fixed and loose furniture, plumbing, electricity, heating and ventilation, etc.) according to the principle of ‘the new way of working’ results in a new future-proof office space.

The existing offices, divided by light partition walls, are now fully open and equipped with open workplaces, alternated with some individual offices, meeting rooms and informal meeting and work areas. Transparency, lightness and a contemporary look are the common threads throughout the design.

The renovation was carried out in phases, as the office functions had to remain operational during this period. The design came about through a participative process, involving extensive questioning and the organisation of workshops with a delegation of users (both employees and management).

Technical info


Caterpillar Distribution Service Europe Bv.



Design team

Archiles Architecten


2019 – 2021


3.200,00 m²




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