Office building Archiles Architecten – Geel

Office building Archiles Architecten – Geel

The office building is located in the city centre, adjacent to the city park.

The building is elaborated as a succession of three volumes, with varying building heights and varying distances from the plot boundaries. This switching in different, smaller entities breaks the larger scale and adapts to the size of the surrounding buildings. The building is materialised in a red/brown nuanced facing brick, matching the materiality of the surroundings and referring to the former building on the plot.

Much attention was paid to the green setting of the building in its surroundings, with maximum effort being put into enhancing and boosting the footpath located along the side façade of the building. This is achieved by providing the entrance to the office building along the footpath and thus developing the side façade as an ”open” façade.

In this way, the side façade also becomes a ‘front’ and provides experience and social control along the footpath. By not entirely positioning the volume on the side plot boundary but keeping some distance here and there, a sufficiently large green buffer is created between the footpath and the building. The intention is to plant this green buffer, together with the garden and the green roof, in a natural way with diverse and endemic flora with a distinct ‘fauna-loving’ character.

The ground floor includes workplaces, a meeting room, a kitchen / multi-purpose room and sanitary facilities. The floor and walls are designed in exposed concrete. The combination of the exposed concrete with oak ceilings and custom work gives the office a warm character.

The first and second floor are designed in the same combination of exposed concrete (ceiling and walls) and oak (parquet + custom work). Workplaces are also located here and in addition a meeting room/library and spacious atelier are found on the second floor.

Technical info


De Kastaar Bv.



Design team

Archiles Architecten


2020 – 2022


490,00 m²




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