Urban renewal project ‘Ecodroom’ – Geel

Urban renewal project ‘Ecodroom’ – Geel

With the development of the former swimming pool site, the Ecodroom urban renewal project fits in the strategic renewal of public spaces in the centre of Geel as an impulse for sustainable urban development.

The project involves a mixed-use development with a diverse range of housing types (lofts, apartments, service flats and social housing), spacious and vibrant service facilities and commercial spaces.

The contiguous volume of the building block emphasises collectivity, while individual living quality for the residents is guaranteed by an interesting alternating number of floors, ranging from 3 to 5 floors above ground. Because of this variation, the inner area and adjacent houses along Patronaatstraat remain well sunlit during the afternoon and early evening.

The intersection of the entire building block creates a new informal passage. This passage enhances the relationship between the existing social housing behind it and the Werft. There is a two-storey underground car park. The accesses to the apartments are grouped on the inner side of the building block, which is designed as one green courtyard. This encourages both internal relationships between residents and with passers-by crossing the block to reach the centre. The duality of red bricks on the outside and white plastering on the courtyard side emphasises this division.

The compact design provides a sustainable building that fully meets the contemporary needs. The collectivity of the project as a whole also benefits the efficient use of the scarce open space within the city.

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Design team

Archiles Architecten, Hub Architecten


2009 – 2014


28.500,00 m²




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