Student housing ‘De Zotte Morgen’ – Geel

Student housing ‘De Zotte Morgen’ – Geel

‘De Zotte Morgen’, a student housing complex with 102 rooms, that is located next to the campus of Thomas More Hogeschool and KU Leuven in Geel. The plot is located on the Larumseweg, a street characterised by the many student rooms that nestle in the neighbourhood of the campus. ‘De Zotte Morgen’ had to present itself in the street scene as modern and fresh student housing.

The project is conceived as a link of three identical blocks separated by a fully open, transparent stairwell. A block consists of 4 floors, of which the bottom floor is partly tucked away and the top floor is partly recessed. Each floor is a cluster of 9 student rooms and a communal area. The clustering of the rooms creates a pleasant, familiar atmosphere.

The façade of the student housing has deliberately been kept very uniform and sober. By choosing a light-coloured brick, the project creates a very fresh, yet static image. The retreat of the transparent stairwells gives ‘De Zotte Morgen’ a reduced scale, allowing the project to integrate perfectly into its surroundings. During the design process, attention was paid to the needs and wishes of the students. For example, each room is equipped with its own sanitary unit, sufficient cupboard space and open sleeping/working area. At the back of the building, sufficient parking space was also provided and the potential of the ‘green’ space was optimally used.

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Design team

Archiles Architecten


2014 – 2018


3.593,00 m²




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