Special needs primary school ‘Saigo’ – Mol

Special needs primary school ‘Saigo’ – Mol

Saigo school for special primary education is located in the middle of the wooded area of ‘Galbergen’ in Mol. For years the school has been struggling with a shortage of classrooms and supporting facilities. In 2012, after a long waiting period, the subsidies were approved by AGION and further elaboration of the design could start.

In a way, the extension of the school completes the existing logic of detached volumes surrounding the inner area. An interplay of open-closed, inside-outside, solid-transparent characterizes the site. The new volume creates a separated, green play area with in its center a large multifunctional space that will also be used as refectory. The space will consist of fully glazed walls so that a pleasant overview of the surroundings will be created. The covered playground is also connected to it. The glazed partition can be opened entirely so that the line between inside and outside fades, which allows a varied use.

The school’s ground floor is surrounded by a covered passage, which can be recognized in the rhythm of concrete columns. It provides the necessary protection against sun and rain and accommodates various seating and playing elements for children and teachers. All supporting facilities are located on the ground floor to allow easy access and interaction with the entire site. A central passage connects all components in a readable and transparent way. A similar logic is applied on the first floor which accommodates 14 classrooms. Large windows and terraces provide a great view on the many trees of the ‘Sterrenbos’.

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Gemeente Mol



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Archiles Architecten


2003 – 2015


1.504,00 m²




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