Sports complex with classrooms – City ​​park Turnhout

Sports complex with classrooms – City ​​park Turnhout

The current sports hall of the city of Turnhout no longer meets the needs of the Turnhout Sports and Trade School ‘SHT’, the Turnhout Primary School ‘SBT’. Not only is it far too small, the building is over 50 years old and in need of replacement. Moreover, the walking distance from the ‘SBT’ is too long.

The directors therefore decided that a new sports complex had to be built in the vicinity of the ‘SHT’ and the ‘SBT’. In addition, the ‘SHT’ still has a number of older container classrooms in use that are also in need of replacement. Therefore, the building programme should also include the construction of 8 classrooms. The demolition of the older container classrooms and the renovation of the playground also need to be included in the environmental planning.

The city has pronounced climate ambitions. The new sports complex must become an example of sustainability and the principles of circular construction must be included in the construction of the file.

A zone west of the stadium in the city park, south of the ‘SHT’, has been defined as the new site. When setting up the site, account will have to be taken of its embedding in the city park.

Once the new sports complex is in use, the container classes of the ‘SHT’ and the current sports hall will be demolished. Afterwards, a new park will have to be created on the site of the current sports hall.

Technical info


Stad Turnhout



Design team

Archiles architecten, ZJA


2021 – Heden


9.000.000 EUR