Office building ‘The Willis Building’

Office building ‘The Willis Building’

Along the beltway of Geel, the new office building of Belcotec and Clevr shows itself as the first office building of the new innovation park of Thomas More. The building has an exemplary function to serve.

The warehouse and the offices are finished with the same façade material in exposed concrete. In this way, the building presents itself as a single entity.

The offices are largely glazed, from floor to ceiling, to create a pleasant, light work environment with maximum contact with the surroundings.

The roof terrace on the first floor provides the necessary qualitative outdoor space and light well into the building volume.

The offices on the ground floor are mainly landscape offices, with individual office spaces finished in glass only at the level of the façade, so that transparency is maintained throughout the space.

The management offices are located on the first floor, and a multi-purpose room is planned at the height of the façade, connecting to the roof terrace. This space will be used as a meeting room, flex workspace, dining area and relaxation area. The boundaries of the new way of working are explored here.

The floors and wall coverings are finished in wood, creating a warm, pleasant working environment.

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Design team

Archiles architecten, Belcotec, Forté, Macobo


2016 – 2017


3.300 m²


3.192.847,00 EUR




Dimitri Janssens