House N

House N

Villa N is located by a lake. A materialisation in light natural stone combined with a lot of glass and an open plan, gives the house the holiday feeling that the location deserves.

The twisting of the house gives the volume an extra dimension and creates different lines of sight from the house towards the lake.

The patio on the street side makes it possible to glaze both the front and rear façades to the maximum without compromising privacy. As a result, all the rooms are directly connected to an outdoor space and the entire house is flooded with daylight.

The steel plate finishing in the front wall contains the access to the garage and the access to the patio. The perforations in the wall ensure that the house does not close itself off completely from its surroundings, but gives a passer-by a peek at the activities behind it.

The gradient of the site was also used to create various views of the water. For example, on the ground floor, a plateau is created in a natural way by extending the level of the living spaces into a terrace. On the other hand, the gradient of the site also makes it possible to provide the half-buried basement with daylight and a view over the water.

The first floor of the house was designed as a beam-shaped volume that extends in relation to the ground floor. This provides the house with a covered terrace that ends up in an infinity pool. The first floor has four bedrooms, all opening onto the roof terrace and the lake.

The open plan of the house is subdivided into more intimate spaces by the insertion of volumes of closets. The lowered seating area also gives the rooms behind it an unobstructed view of the water.

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Design team

Archiles architecten, Balo Design Boutique


Swinnen woonprojecten


2016 – 2018


620 m²




Dimitri Janssens