Expansion GO! Primary school ‘De Stadsmus’

Expansion GO! Primary school ‘De Stadsmus’

A diversity of use:

A school is coloured by various users: pupils, teachers, support staff, parents… In order to give them, but also the various activities and possible future changes a place in this school, we went in search of a flexible building that provides the best possible answer to all these questions.

Strong duos:

In the existing buildings, a duo class structure is used. On each floor, two classrooms are served by a common staircase and circulation area. The classrooms themselves consist of a flexible front zone and the actual classroom. The arrangement of the classrooms makes it possible to work at an angle. This principle is also applied in the new building, but in a number of new forms. In this way, several strong duos are created. The classrooms share a wide corridor area, an emergency toilet and finally a view of the green (play) area around the building.

Technical info



Design team

Archiles architecten, Omgeving, Groep Van Roey




Archiles architecten, Polygon 3D