Boarding school and talent house ‘Ingo’ – Turnhout

Boarding school and talent house ‘Ingo’ – Turnhout

Because the existing GO! boarding school on Pater van Mierlostraat in Turnhout had become too large and energy-consuming, it was decided to develop a new building on the site of the ‘De Smiskens’ primary school. The inner area turned out to be the ideal location for the new boarding school due to its location, accessibility and the interesting interaction that can be established with the school. For example, various rooms are used twice and an additional classroom has been created to meet the current needs of the primary school.

The pre-design was already being worked out by the client – the community education system – itself, when in June 2015 Archiles architects was appointed to further develop the implementation file and monitor the construction works. In close consultation with the client and users, Archiles made the design its own. Various parts of the design were further refined and all disciplines (stability, techniques, epb, acoustics) were coordinated. Implementation started in May 2016 and the new boarding school was finally completed in October 2017.

A clear organisation lies at the heart of the design. On the upper floors, 90 rooms are arranged along the 4 sides. Each floor is divided symmetrically to create a total of 4 different living groups. All sanitary facilities and the main circulation are located centrally. The rooms open onto two central relaxation areas, which avoids excessively long hallways and promotes interaction between the residents. A rectangular patio provides pleasant light in the centre of the building and also accentuates the entrance area on the ground floor.

The building is marked by its simple design. The rectangular shape is interrupted on the ground floor by various open spaces and the patio, which differentiate the approach to the building. This aspect is emphasised by the use of materials: the ground floor plinth is given a fresh, green finish in vertical panels. The upper floors, on the other hand, are worked out in a rather static manner in white bricks with rhythmic window openings in dark joinery. The compact design and the thorough insulation ensure that the K-level is only 24. The technologies used are highly technological (high-efficiency boiler, LED lighting, intelligent controls), resulting in an E-level of 60.

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GO! Onderwijs Vlaamse Gemeenschap



Design team

Archiles Architecten


2015 – 2017


3.226,00 m²




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